Dodge has pushed back the final “Last Call” Challenger with blown engines.


Power often brings additional complications.

Dodge was slated to showcase the Last Call versions of its Challenger and Dodge Charger models at the SEMA auto show. However, this approach proved inadvisable due to the lack of positive results. According to Dodge’s Tim Kuniskis, the delay was caused by durability tests that resulted in engine failure. As long as these issues are fixed and no further issues arise, the Last Call could arrive early next year.

Because Dodge can’t produce more power with Hellcat engines, they require higher durability standards. As a result, no one knows what’s in this package but we can assume it’s failing due to the Hemi V8 engine’s 6.2 liters. Chrysler’s president and CEO, Bob King, even stated that making more power with Hellcat engines isn’t difficult when addressing the media. Instead of Dodge producing a 1000-h engine, their neighbor is able to build one with similar power.

Apparently, these engines failed catastrophically during Dodge’s rigorous durability testing of all of its powertrains. That means we might expect more power than we’ve seen from its limited-edition 840-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. A proper celebration of the outgoing Challenger and Charger’s target figure is 1,000 horsepower, but anything north of 900 would make it the most ridiculous factory-backed muscle car on the road.

What was the company’s last recent conference call commemorating? This is also in the stars. Although the engine thwarted the plan, the company didn’t even hint at what inspiration this particular Challenger would be considering. But if we’re being honest, it would be a mistake to snub Dodge’s Ramchargers.

Even if Dodge doesn’t manage to get this beefed-up Hellcat through its test program, the last final call will come out; it could have the same numbers as the Challenger Black Ghost or the Charger King Daytona, both of which are the same as the Hellcat Redeye Charger or Challenger is the same. However, we hope Dodge can figure out their latest Last Call.