Just look at 1973 Plymouth Space Duster. It’s a minivan that also moves.


The foldable back seat fits your Paisley headband and Beethoven bust.

Chrysler’s Plymouth Division created a sporty looking version of their Valiant compact car for the 1970 model year called the Duster. Many Duster trim levels were released, including Feather Duster, Gold Duster and Duster Twister. Duster production continued through 1976, later being reused as a trim level on the Sundance, Turismo and Volaré. The only American car division named after a brand was Chrysler’s Plymouth Division and its name was inspired by rope. A 1973 magazine ad for Plymouth’s Space Duster featured a Central Casting sunroof guitar-playing hippie. Fold-down rear seat and an organizer in the fold-down front seat made this car affordable for small budget apartment-switchers.

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It won’t cost too much extra to have a roof that opens on a land drive and lets the sun in. In fact, the crank-type sunroof costs $140 for $2,876 (about $973 for a $19,995 car when converted to $2022).